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M. M.'s Story

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    Hi Dr. Nassos,

    I want to thank you for the great surgery you did for me on my ankle with the continuous care. You did such a good job that this 71 year old lady was back to dancing on December 2011 just 6 months after surgery. I would like to prove this to you by sending you this link to 2 videos one in 2009 and then the one I just did this year. Same dance. Thanks and be sure to let people know how good you are. You are a wonder!!

    Hope you get this e-mail and if you do please just let me know that you were able to view it.

    This is the dance I did in 2009 and then this year 6 months after my ankle break.

    The Studio does this show every other year. It is about a little girl that is dreaming about her grandma (she has passed) and she dreams talking to her and of course dancing with her. It is a small recital in short form, with each present I give her from under the tree is an introduction to another dance number. So her is the link to the number I dance with her, since she says to grandma in her dream that would be the best present of all (is to dance with her) If you click on this link you can see both.

    Click here to view videos